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SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center Fundraiser

This Vision has been planted in my head for a long time but the inspiration to actually do it just sparked yesterday Monday May 25, 2015. I started the SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center Fundraiser to build the 1st Orgone EnergyHealing Center. A voice in my head said DO IT NOW! So I am doing it now, its time for this. Let me show you what Orgone Energy is…


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Realizing My Awakening


Sometimes, it's hard to explain what I know and feel to be true. I can see what's happening before it starts happening, and most times the reason why it's happening. I guess what boggles me the most is why people want or desire to control or handle other people? Why do they feel the need to handle, check, or control a spirit that they didn't create? I feel as if the ideas of this world are so closed minded that they shut out the truth about what God, The Most High, The…


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Today has been a reflective day. I made a comment saying, "When you know better, you do better." And I have come to understand that although a person may know better, they may not necessarily want to do better. And what I mean is a person can know a lot of things that are better for them but don't practice the…


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SEG13 Your Frequency is shifting...

       In 2012 when everybody thought the world was gonna end, It did end, what was, is no more we are in the midst of a new era. Our DNA is changing to fit into a new world that is pure vibration, our thoughts are manifesting instantaneously as "time" moves on it will continue to amplify.…


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SEG13 MasterVibe Healing with the Forces of Nature Spring Equinox 2015

      March 20, 2015 I knew this was going to be a powerful day, when I drove my daughter to school we were both blinded by the Sun light is was brighter than any other day. I had on Sun glasses and I literally had to stop the truck cause I couldn't see in front of…


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My Dreams are Talking to Me

     Last night I went to bed at 7:30pm I NEVER do that, I don't take naps on the regular but when I do I get Major downloads of information. This information is always about me and my path. I get information in my dreams about the direction of my life, how to avoid things a dream is another reality is is REAL in every sense. wherever you are in your dream is reality in your mind, your body reacts to it, , when you have a dream that your falling, a sad dream, an…


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MasterVibe Ocean Sessions

I am very excited about what I am adding to the MasterVibe Series for 2015 I have been inspired to use the healing properties of the Ocean. I will be hosting healing sessions at the beach where people can come and learn about healing themselves with the Forces of nature. The Ocean represents…


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My Breathing Ritual

Take a deep breath, inhale deep exhale slow intentionally release the toxins out of your body release all low vibrating thoughts close your eyes focus on the action of breathing what do you smell what does the air feel like coming out of your nostrils, breathe in…


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Why is this happening in my life?

Every day I work on being the best that I could be, Consciousness is a gift and a curse. Knowing that your subconscious creates your reality and that you are responsible for everything that happens to you good or bad is powerful. If you believe you helped create what exist, then you must…


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healing is a constant process you have to work on it everyday. Life is like being in the ocean when your floating in the water its peaceful and sireen, for a second cause one thing you know for sure is that a wave is coming if you don't have balance in the water you will drown. That is the way life is. Your perception of your life is everything, if you feel like your drowning you will drown, if you feel like your good you will be good.   It really is divine the way…


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You Think You Need to Be in a Relationship Right Now, WHY?

We are raised to believe that we are supposed to be with a partner, yes that is the nature of our species but their is a process to everything and we have skipped a bunch of steps in-between before we come into a UNION with another individual. Everyday more steps get skipped, grade school children are having sex now. babies come out of the womb with patterns from their parents so all of the…


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Sexual Energy won't Be Denied

Challenges are always around the corner no matter what. I know that no matter what I know or where I am in my life I will experience a challenge, that is truly what life is about. I welcome the challenges in my life because I know what they mean, I know that…


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The Power of Symbols

     Growing up I was very aware of symbols my dad was into Santeria, and my mother was a devout Catholic that still respected the power of the metaphysical. Watching movies taught me a lot about how symbols are used from the opening credits with the logos, all of them have great significance. If you study the symbols used by all of the major networks and corporations you will see the science behind the symbols and how they are using…


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Divine Timing

We are experiencing great changes in the world on the planet, no matter how much you try to escape you FEEL whats going on, Everybody feels it. a Huge number of people are seeking consciousness whether you hear them say it or not. The vibration of consciousness has affected the atmosphere, all people are reacting to it in one way or another. Time has sped up not seemingly, the days are going faster. This gives us a good lesson to be present…


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Master Time

     I remember seeing that movie In Time with Justin Timberlake, it was about the world being... I started to tell you what its about but I thought about how not good I am at doing a recap on a movie so take a look at the trailer if you want to see what its about below



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What I Am Manifesting (iNFiNiONAiRE Academy)

Things are happening so fast in my life right now, When inspiration hits you that means its time to go immediately not stopping, no doubting, no questioning, you trust it and go with it. I was looking back at  the last 7 years of my life I see what I have manifested, what I have created. every challenge that I went through was necessary for me to be where I Am. I completed a 7 year cycle, now I am beginning a new one. When you look at the story from the surface my circumstances look…


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Sex Detox - Best Sex You Ever Had

If you want to have the best sex you have ever had in your life. it is worth it, to take the time to learn about Sex and all aspects of what it is. How the energy of Love expands the experience, how it exist inside of you all of the…


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Mastering your Vibration (Sexual Energy)

I seem to write about Sexual Anxiety a lot in the Summer, this is a time when your lower Chakras especially your Sacral sexual Chakra is most active. Our bodies adapt to nature even when we don't allow ourselves to be part of nature our bodies react to the changing of the seasons. When we are not in tune with ourselves sexual anxiety can be very uncomfortable and could make us feel emotionally out of balance. Most people are not able to…


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Self Assessment (The Subconscious Mind)

     I have always known what I wanted to do My whole life I knew I wanted to Feel Good, I wanted to use my gifts whatever they were. I had this feeling in my gut that always said I was meant for more. I am so grateful for having that feeling because it got me through a lot of things in my life. I was able to focus on that feeling and accomplish ANYTHING but i was always waiting on something better something greater, like the current moment wasn't good enough it had to get better than that.…


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The Part of Autism that I don't Talk About (Part 2) Lucas Moves Out

     Exactly 2 months after I decided it was time to let go of my Son he was placed in a adult home it didnt happen the way I thought it would, but it happened the way it needed to happen. I didn't know that this process that felt like my heart was being torn out of my chest would turn into such a Divine calling. I am a firm believer that what happens in my life is always for my highest good every time I am shown that truth I am reminded of that magnitude of the Universe that lives inside of…


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Every life being is Sexual Creative Energy, constantly in motion creating our experience through our Vibration, Learn how to Master it


SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center


Things that help ease your mind




Do You Know What you need to Heal? 1 Reply


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What would your life be? 1 Reply

What if you didn't have to go to a job, if you didn't have to go work, what would…Continue

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The Book - Sexual Secrets The Alchemy of Ecstasy (Your Moon/Menstrual Cycle) 8 Replies

How Do YOU Feel about your Moon Cycle?Have you ever engaged in any kind of sexual activity during your Moon Cycle?Are You Uncomfortable with Your Woman During her Menstrual/ Moon Cycle?Continue

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You have the Power to Bless Water like a Priest 2 Replies

I see the sun, its not even out, that's how good I feel, I did a meditation with my copper crown in the bath tub, electrifying the water with the energy of my body and the…Continue

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What will you share with your children about YOUR Sexual Experiences?

I just wrote a Blog aboutRaising a Sex Energy Goddess and it made me wonder about how people are raising their kids now in this era of…Continue

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How has your environment and Society affected the way you view your own Sexuality? 6 Replies

People have a misconception of the Word SEX For Eons this word has been looked at like a Freaky thing so now when the word is used people have to EXPLAIN that its not all about physical SeX. We are Sexual Beings by nature everything about us is Sex…Continue

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