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What is 13 LOVE

When I discovered that my life path number was 13 I started to research more about the Number 13 I learned about the Sacred Geometry in the number the vibration it emits and decided to apply it in my own life in EVERYTHING that I do. I use 13 like religious people use Jesus, in fact 13 is JESUS!…


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SEX is the ROOT of All EVIL!

People are trying to figure out how the world went so wrong, They say that Money is the root of all evil, Well Money is a piece of paper We give it power by our perceptions and beliefs in regards to this Energy. If you put a stack of money in a room ain't nothing evil gonna go down in that…


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The Number 13 What Does it Mean?

The number 13 is THE most feared number in the history of time, Why? Because…


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I AM Not Responsible for Your Sexual Behavior!

I am not gonna stop moving my hips thrusting my pelvis because  You can't control your sexual desires it is my right 2 Move in the rhythm of my SOUL, to awaken the parts in me that vibrate life in me.

I made a video called…


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Raising a Sex Energy Goddess (Being Honest)

 Having a daughter, I always thought about what I would tell her about Sex. having had sexual experiences at such a young age, remembering my own past made me unsure about how I would handle this situation when it came up. I was told that you don't have sex unless your married that's how…


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Tired of being afraid

I am so fucking tired of my own damn self. Why do I allow fear to run certain parts of my life.  I was in a club the other night and a song that I liked started playing and I wanted to dance to it. Now let me explain, dancing for me is to find a corner somewhere and dance by myself, making no sudden or large movements. Can't draw attention to myself right? Well as soon as I stood up a gentleman came over and asked me to go with him to the dance floor. WTH!! Where did he come from? I was…


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I Am in the Process NOW!

When you know the greatness and the hard work that you put into something YOU KNOW that the turn around is gonna be DIVINE! But that PROCESS is a BIATCH!  I don't like the feeling of the PROCESS because it is very uncomfortable, I know its Necessary and without it I…


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Orgasmic Manifestation (What is it)

When I say the words Orgasmic Manifestation it inspires curiosity there is a  mystery and a resonance of truth that people identify with and don't necessarily know why. these words trigger a…


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SEG13 This is Why I am HERE!

I am Maria Judith Torres Rodriguez Diaz Guzman AKA Sex Energy Goddess 13 I am here to raise the vibration of the planet through the teaching of sexual energy transmutation which is the energy that exist in all Soul Beings on the planets. I am teaching from the discoveries in my own Self Mastery. What I share is all through my own experience, The information I receive comes from a Source Higher than ME that exist within me I call it My Galactic Federation. I am aware that I have existed a…


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Detaching For My Highest Good

I know what detachment is, I learned about it, but it wasn't until I had to really practice detaching that I got the full innerstanding of how necessary this process is for the Evolution of my Being. When you are on a journey of Self Mastery Detachment is Essential You can't master self with out Detaching from ALL THINGS.

 8 Months ago I started learning about detaching from things that weren't…


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Sex Energy Goddess- God 13


Everything is happening so fast, the clarity in the process is OMazing. After I started the Sex Goddess 13, I began to get a frequency that was becoming a bit challenging for me to deal with, people assuming…


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My Intention for SexEnergyGoddess13 .com


It has been a couple of weeks now since I wrote about  Sex Goddess 13, the information that has come through in regards to this Movement is truly BEYOND ME! I want to share this Vision with the Goddesses that are ready to answer the call and do the work that we agreed to do here on this planet at THIS TIME.


Sex Energy Goddess 13 is dedicated to assist  in…


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A Great Super Hero is Always in Training

Now that I am out I could see it better. There was a lot of dense energy in the atmosphere yesterday, I was feeling... BLAH, is the best way I could explain it. I have been away from my family for 8 days. I am on a sabbatical THAT I DIDN'T PLAN!  I am being prepared for what is next in my life. I spent all of this year Designing What I want my life to be and I made some pretty extravagant…


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I Was a Sacred Prostitute

 have been wanting to learn more about my past lives, I have been asking for this information. I was planning on getting a reading to get my Natal chart to gain access. What I am learning is that EVERYTHING we ask for is given in fact everything we are ViBRATING is GIVEN! 



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How I Became Sex Energy Goddess 13

I suppose its time to blog about this now, it's been brewing in my head for a long time. I didn't know if I wanted to go there because all of my life I have had issues with my own sexuality, not that I questioned my preference, I just didn't understand my sexual power, I was embarrassed by it, ashamed of what I thought it meant.…


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I Just Got Back from HELL!


Yesterday I spent the day in HELL, I got myself there and I Took Myself OUT! 

I am going through the biggest transition of my LIFE, The Dynamics of my family structure have changed, I am moving out, my business is growing. Let me go back to the word CHANGE because as I write this the word CHANGE is what snaps at me. My life is changing and it is so UNCOMFORTABLE it hurts…


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About ViM

Visions in Motion is a Online Multi Media Technology & Entertainment company. We Specialize in New Media, Broadcasting, Production, Marketing, distribution and Independent business development.

New media has birthed the success of million dollar companies; Google, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and many more. The growth and the attention that these companies have attained have proven, that new media and digital technologies are…


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Turn Your Brand into a Business

Monetize Your Popularity

Create your New Media Empire!

Are you using Social Media or is it using you?

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Ustream have been growing exponentially, people are using these Social Networks to get exposure and solidify their brands The Social Networks are using… Continue

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This is how Creating a New Media Empire was Inspired

This is what will change the Economy

"A light Bulb in my brain went off, that means GOD is

giving me direct instruction through inspiration. That is why I am still

up at 4:30 in the AM
I've already asked God for everything I desire, it… Continue

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ViM is The Next Leading Edge!

If you are not taking advantage of New Media, This is why you should...

Traditional media offers 3 main sources, Television, Radio, and Print. All successful companies have used 1 or all of these media platforms to attain success. Showing the brain trust of a company how important…


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Every life being is Sexual Creative Energy, constantly in motion creating our experience through our Vibration, Learn how to Master it


SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center


Things that help ease your mind




Do You Know What you need to Heal? 1 Reply


Tags: consciousness, vibration, therapy, Energy, healing

Started by Sex Energy Goddess13. Last reply by Amadojay Apr 29, 2015.

What would your life be? 1 Reply

What if you didn't have to go to a job, if you didn't have to go work, what would…Continue

Started by Sex Energy Goddess13. Last reply by Khelsea Allen Apr 17, 2015.

The Book - Sexual Secrets The Alchemy of Ecstasy (Your Moon/Menstrual Cycle) 8 Replies

How Do YOU Feel about your Moon Cycle?Have you ever engaged in any kind of sexual activity during your Moon Cycle?Are You Uncomfortable with Your Woman During her Menstrual/ Moon Cycle?Continue

Tags: Moon, Cycle, Sexuality, Taboo, Menstrual

Started by Sex Energy Goddess13. Last reply by Sex Energy Goddess13 Sep 21, 2013.

You have the Power to Bless Water like a Priest 2 Replies

I see the sun, its not even out, that's how good I feel, I did a meditation with my copper crown in the bath tub, electrifying the water with the energy of my body and the…Continue

Tags: Power, Soul, Beings, Alchemy, Energy

Started by Sex Energy Goddess13. Last reply by Sex Energy Goddess13 Jul 20, 2013.

What will you share with your children about YOUR Sexual Experiences?

I just wrote a Blog aboutRaising a Sex Energy Goddess and it made me wonder about how people are raising their kids now in this era of…Continue

Tags: society, truth, children, teens, sharing

Started by Sex Energy Goddess13 Apr 12, 2013.

How has your environment and Society affected the way you view your own Sexuality? 6 Replies

People have a misconception of the Word SEX For Eons this word has been looked at like a Freaky thing so now when the word is used people have to EXPLAIN that its not all about physical SeX. We are Sexual Beings by nature everything about us is Sex…Continue

Started by Sex Energy Goddess13. Last reply by Alvia Dixon May 13, 2015.


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