If you want to have the best sex you have ever had in your life. it is worth it, to take the time to learn about Sex and all aspects of what it is. How the energy of Love expands the experience, how it exist inside of you all of the time.

Most people are NOT having fantastic OHmazing sex. They are experiencing a short moment in a blissful state, they are not able to hold the charge. They are creating more of what is existing in their subconscious, with out having any idea of the power their body carries. 

When you are comfortable with who you are and can look at your lover in the eyes, feel the rhythm of their soul, breathe in unison, feel the electricity rise above the skin, that is an exciting and delicious Buzz, that can last all day if you can Master your Vibration.

Knowing exactly the role you play,masculine & feminine in this creative mating ritual that we do is powerful. When I say masculine feminine I am referring to both parts in both people. When you are conscious of yourself, it heightens the senses, raises vibration, that is how the magic happens.

When you have sex you are creating what you are vibrating out into the atmosphere, its all energy, little magnets that attract energy like itself back to you. If you are able to vibrate in the same frequency as your lover in complete balance, be present in tune with the energies that are being created in that space, you can truly manifest anything you desire.

The key is getting to that point with yourself so that you can attract a partner that will be beneficial for your creative process. Love is a wonderful emotion to connect to when we feel it we know it and the power of the heart is immense, when the energy of love is in sex, then you are experiencing true BLISS. When you can get there, when you can love yourself, you will attract that Love its Universal Law, your patience and focus will be rewarded, it is worth your investment in learning yourself.  Trust me sex in your full power, will be the Best Sex you Ever had. You will never settle for anything less once you experience that.

Step1 Sex Detox   

Stop having sex or masterbating for no reason.  Commit to 33 days of no ejaculation. I am not saying to avoid the feeling of sex, you don't want to do that, you want to be able to use that energy and transmute it. Focus your sexual energy to a conscious intention. Use your breath to move the energy distribute the sexual energy through your chakras. Spend time with that feeling of arousal, let it flow through your body be grateful for it. You are the commander of your ejaculation sexual energy can be enjoyed with out being wasted.

Men your sperm is life force energy you are shortening your life span every time you ejaculate. It is beneficial for you to hold on to your life force you can Master that energy and still feel like you have had an orgasm without ejaculating, learn, study, practice.

A sex detox can not be done with a partner. The intention is to clear your body of any outside energy and cleanse your inner body of sexual energy viruses parasites and other forms of negative energy that comes through your body through those connections.  

Drink plenty of water for best results keep a clean diet during this time

Practice loving yourself, not by masterbating but by taking care of you honoring your commitment to your self healing and this detox.

Meditation is key to this detox it is important to receive the healing energy that is coming to you from Most High connecting with the source of your creation is what will grant you access to everything you need. 

Set aside minimum of 33 minutes a day for prayer and meditation, you prayer is a time for asking, this is a good time to ask any question you want to know the answer to and what you would like to manifest in your life. Your meditation is when you receive what you have asked for that time with the creator what ever you call God is how you charge up your energy and create chi. Using your sexual energy during this time is magnetically powerful and amplifies everything inside of you. This step can not be skipped in this detox.

Spend time with yourself align yourself with the energy that you wish to attract into your life. release all energy that is not serving your highest good. visualize yourself letting go of all of the toxic energy that lives in your body and clog up your Chakras (energy centers).

The sex detox requires your full commitment it is not an easy one to do as so many of us enjoy the blissful pleasure sex brings, it can be quite difficult to disconnect from it at anytime, its like a drug.

A sex detox can help you explore new and creative ways to enjoy the pleasure of sexual energy. A sex detox is necessary for good health and a great way to learn about the power of sexual energy that exist inside of your body. 

When you  complete the 33 days of this detox you will feel renewed with a deeper sense of who you are and what you want to attract. your energy senses will heighten you will feel more in control . if you are in a relationship or have a sexual partner, your reunion after this detox will be The Best Sex You Ever Had.

  If you would like some support during this journey check out the SEG13 Sex Detox Forum at the Orgone Energy Self Healing Center, Join the MasterVibe Study Group. Post your questions below.


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Comment by Sex Energy Goddess13 on July 15, 2014 at 10:51am

Hi Richard, thank you for your comment. This exercise is not FOREVER! this is just a way to connect with yourself your energetic body and your partner. once you get the hang of what this is you can do it everyday if you like, shoot multiple times if you can. I agree that sex is a playground but you can make it super fun if you know what your doing.

Comment by Richard Levison on July 14, 2014 at 1:54pm

Hi! I'am not in agreement that constantly saying,"no,"to sex will lead to the best sex you ever had.One day soon when your to old to have sex you'll say to yourself,"It wouldn't have hurt to say,"yes,"once in a while."After all were all sexual beings and mature sex is the adults playground in itself,"Namaste!"

Every life being is Sexual Creative Energy, constantly in motion creating our experience through our Vibration, Learn how to Master it


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