Last night I went to bed at 7:30pm I NEVER do that, I don't take naps on the regular but when I do I get Major downloads of information. This information is always about me and my path. I get information in my dreams about the direction of my life, how to avoid things a dream is another reality is is REAL in every sense. wherever you are in your dream is reality in your mind, your body reacts to it, , when you have a dream that your falling, a sad dream, an erotic sensual dream your body responds to it, dreams are real. I have been aware of this for quite sometime so I make it a point to remember my dreams, I used to keep a dream book next to me so that when I wake up I could right it down immediately, I haven't had to do that in a while. I do a ritual to help my mind stay awake while my body rest. I don't ever sleep to sleep means to cease consciousness, I don't want to be in that state, so before I got to bed at night I say "Let my mind stay awake while my body rest, Let my mind stay awake while by body rest, Let my mind stay awake while my body rest, Let my mind stay awake while my body rest" 4 times for North, South, East, West. This lets the Universe know that you are ready to receive information. The reason we forget dreams is because our brain is in a sleep state it is unconscious, long term memory doesn't work in a sleeping brain, we must awaken our brain to remember dreams. We give it permission to sleep when we Say "We are going to Sleep" remove that word. Word magic is real. Waking up through the night also helps your mind stay awake. I drink water before I go to bed to help me get up and keep my mind awake. The key to interpreting your dreams is to look for things that you remember in your dream, the way you feel in it, what colors do you see? Animals are messengers in dreams when you see an animal in a dream it really sticks out.

     Last night I dreamt from 7:34pm till 6:58am the first dream was of a crocodile, I remember it specifically being a crocodile and not an alligator cause in my dream I said to myself "you know thats a crocodile and not an alligator right" The water was swampy greenish brown like the crocodile, When I looked at it my heart was beating super fast, he was moving slow, "I said We gotta GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE NOW!" so I take note of this feeling because how you FEEL in a dream is indication of what is to come, so what this dream tells me is that I am going to experience that feeling, in the dream in physical reality. I am not saying that a crocodile is gonna come after me, the croc in the dream is more symbolic, but the feeling is a premonition of whats to come. The first thing I looked up was dreaming of a crocodile and this is what it said in Dream Moods symbol Interpretation Crocodile to see a crocodile in your dream symbolizes freedom, hidden streng...

That was just my first dream. I dreamt of 3 Melanated men, planes in the dark sky with strings hanging from them, an Asian person speaking spanish to me. I paid attention to the things that were significant in the dreams and I am going to continue my research, but I wanted to write this blog to share this information about dreams with you. 

     I connected to a lot of what those interpretations say. Now I have the knowledge, the tools to prepare myself for the next events to come in my experience. I am not scared of it, I know its part of my process, what ultimately matters is my reaction to things when they do happen. I have to stay in the moment focus on the present. We can't avoid the emotion of fear, what we allow that fear to do is key it could motivate us to greatness or paralyze us in despair, its up to us. Dreams are always about ourselves we can learn a lot about who we are in the dreamworld as well as gain information to assist us in this physical path.

Dream moods wouldn't let me post the meanings so you have to go to the site to check it out.

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