When I say the words Orgasmic Manifestation it inspires curiosity there is a  mystery and a resonance of truth that people identify with and don't necessarily know why. these words trigger a subconscious knowing of your power. Your Divine ability to create and bring things into your physical reality. This all sounds mystical and fantasy like because we are not programmed to believe the truth about ourselves. Our whole lives we have been led farther and farther away from our true selves. We are made to believe that we are just average individuals validated only by Society and what they deem worthy.

The simple truth is that we are far more than that, if you need to do research to verify that and you should, you will find that to be fact. We are all Super Soul Beings by design, we have been manifesting our entire lives subconsciously. Believing that everything that happens to us is circumstantial or destined what we believe alters our reality, this belief has turned us into slaves, incarcerated by our own minds, locked in by the programs that we enforce through our belief SYSTEM.  

We are all ENERGY we emit frequencies which are what truly dictate and design our lives. When you understand that the energy you vibrate attract experiences and opportunities to your life it will inspire you to learn the process of getting your SELF to a point of Conscious Creation, using all of the power and Energy that exist inside of you to create the reality you want to experience. That is your gift and right as a Soul Being.

Your body is an Orgasmic temple The Orgasm is a super powerful energy that exist in all of us to manifest things into our experience. Whatever you are carrying in your subconscious is ALWAYS manifested in your experience as a child I carried a lot of sexual energy which manifested into physical  molestation or unwanted experiences. I wasn't aware that I was carrying that energy it was imprinted in me when I had my first sexual encounter, which was when I discovered that I had a vagina and its what made me different from a boy. Those thoughts developed into other thoughts that attracted other experiences but we don't ever look at life so intricately to know that our thoughts become things so we should be mindful of what we think.

With focus, dedication, passion and intent anything can be had, that is Orgasmic Manifestation. Some people believe that if they are good at having sex they can be Sex Energy Masters and Orgasmicly manifest. Being a Sex Energy Master and Orgasmic Manifestation has to do more with your mind than with your physical body. Your body can not do anything without your mind 

Your whole body is Sexual Energy, when you engage in the practice of sexual activity it is intended that you use the particular energy to create, not just babies, you can give life to any possibility you have created in your mind, through and with this Sex Energy that is YOU. This does not have to happen with a partner nor do you have to ejaculate, in fact it is more beneficial if you keep that energy inside, that is when you have truly mastered the technique of Orgasmic Manifestation.


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Every life being is Sexual Creative Energy, constantly in motion creating our experience through our Vibration, Learn how to Master it


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