Raising a Sex Energy Goddess (Being Honest)

 Having a daughter, I always thought about what I would tell her about Sex. having had sexual experiences at such a young age, remembering my own past made me unsure about how I would handle this situation when it came up. I was told that you don't have sex unless your married that's how I grew up, I sure as hell didn't wait till I was married, knowing who I was made me really have to figure out how to approach this, I didn't want to use the whole "I'm your Momma it's what I say" kind of thing. I wanted to be honest. I wanted her to know that the things I say don't come from a parenting handbook but from my own experiences. 

Part of Self Mastery is accepting who you are at all levels, that includes those nasty parts about you that you are embarrassed to claim, they are what make you, good bad or indifferent. Every Mom wants to be the perfect example of goodness but that's just simply not reality. The good thing is that when we come to understand that those imperfections, Flaws "Bad Things" are what guide us to our purpose we can embrace all facets of who and what we are or at least identify them and know that it is part of what makes us. We can change anything we WANT but we have to know what it is that we want to change. 

I suppose I could just hide my past from my daughter and use what I know to guide her in a direction I feel would be more suitable but that is not how I want to go about this one. I hid from myself enough its time to come clean, I want her to know my full experience as a Woman, I want her to know how the choices I made affected my life. I want her to know about the things i did that weren't so lady like and the things I did that I wish I wouldn't have done. She knows who I am today,  but she doesn't know how I got here. I want her to know that she is NOT ME but she is of me and that entitles her to knowing who her Mama really is. 

I am still not perfect today, however I am Perfect in my imperfection. I am sharing my life to make a difference, the most important lives that I could influence are the lives of my children. I am excited about this Journey in my life. Raising a Sex Energy Goddess is a series of blogs & Vlogs where I share some of my experiences as a mother and how I handle raising a daughter in this era.

I would love to hear some of your stories as well, feel free to write a blog here or ask me questions in the Forum.

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