Today has been a reflective day. I made a comment saying, "When you know better, you do better." And I have come to understand that although a person may know better, they may not necessarily want to do better. And what I mean is a person can know a lot of things that are better for them but don't practice the things that they know to be true because of what they have come to consider to be "normal" and "routine". they want to "blend in" and not "stand out". But what I have also come to overstand is that self-love also plays a part in this as well. I think that people become so caught up in their depression and self-loathing that they forget who they were before things got tough for them and they allow themselves to stay there. I realized that about myself and I'm making strides to get back to me and back to HAPPY by healing myself. But I wonder how many people realize this about themselves and take the time to heal themselves. I'm very grateful for my life and my many experiences that have made me who I am because out of all of them I have taken the positive and used it to my benefit. I pray that people who are down and feel stuck in a pattern REDISCOVER themselves so that they can truly begin to experience life and all of the great things and possibilities that it may hold. I would very much like to thank the Most High for connecting with Sex Energy Goddess13 (Sistar Mari) for she really helped me get me back!! Peace and Blessings to all!! 


(April 20, 2015- original log date)

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Comment by Sex Energy Goddess13 on April 29, 2015 at 1:50pm

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I would have to say that not many people get the the point of remembering who they are, consider yourself lucky to be one of them. The world is transforming what it takes for survival is that we come to know who we are. Hotep!

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