SEG13 MasterVibe Healing with the Forces of Nature Spring Equinox 2015

     March 20, 2015 I knew this was going to be a powerful day, when I drove my daughter to school we were both blinded by the Sun light is was brighter than any other day. I had on Sun glasses and I literally had to stop the truck cause I couldn't see in front of me, Mikayla was startled by its effects as well, it looked bigger, brighter than I have ever seen. I knew something was different but of course its different,today is the first day of Spring. Not just any spring, there is a Solar Eclipse AND a SuperMoon. According to, there hasn’t been a solar eclipse on either the March or September equinox since 1662! lets take a breath on that one. The energy on the planet is at a peak, this is an OHMazing day for Healing with The Forces of Nature.

     It is essential to use Nature to heal, that is how you get connected to Source, God. The All the creator is in every living thing and is ever present, there is always a way to access that energy. When I was a little girl and I would get cuts and bruises I would be in awe at how our bodies heal naturally, that phenomenon of healing is in US, WE are the healers and the destroyers. Healing energy exist in all of who we are and what surrounds us, we just have to remember, connecting to Nature helps us remember.

Today we have access to a tremendous amount of Power. The rituals that are done on this day will create energy patterns that are life lasting. Rituals that raise your vibration will amplify the energy that comes out of your body. Our energy creates patterns that we function by every day, rituals create patterns. Whatever you do the same all of the time is an energy pattern, that you created to function in your life.The energy we emit has a frequency, that frequency can be LOW or HiGH, anything that feels "good" is HiGH anything that feels "bad" is LOW, there are tons of emotions that fit into both of those categories. Energy doesn't care about emotion it just goes where it goes, so even if you are not conscious of it your vibration is creating your reality. New energy patterns could be created at any time, but a day like today puts it on steroids. If you take advantage of this day focus your intentions, operate in Love & Gratitude, be present in each moment, feel bliss, you will create a pattern that will generate that frequency and deliver more love and bliss into your life. Transform negative energy by not reacting to it. If something doesn't feel good simply detach from it.

     I am going to continue this Blog, I will share the rituals that I do today, its almost 2pm, I am gonna go create in the Sun. writing this blog was part of my ritual for today, but I needed to make sure not to spend too much time inside so I am cutting it here for now. ENJOY this day. ASE!

 If you have energy tools this is a great time to charge them up   

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