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This Vision has been planted in my head for a long time but the inspiration to actually do it just sparked yesterday Monday May 25, 2015. I started the SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center Fundraiser to build the 1st Orgone EnergyHealing Center. A voice in my head said DO IT NOW! So I am doing it now, its time for this. Let me show you what Orgone Energy is

My Vision is to create a Healing center with Orgone Energy Batteries from wall to wall, where people can come inside and heal their mind body and soul. a place to learn about your energetic body, Chakras, Meridians, sexual creative energy how to use it to heal yourself. Learn how to make Orgone Energy Batteries train with orgone energy masters & healers, practice natural forms of healing, Music Therapy, Singing, Dancing, Art, ancient healing rituals. This is a place where people come to transform, reconnect to Source, master self, connect to their purpose unleash their power, and get their heaven their bliss. A world full of super beings, that are here for the benefit of all mankind.

We had already began to do this work, we would host retreats and seminars, teach people how to make Orgone Energy Batteries, how to heal with them it was always an intense powerful healing experience. A physical healing occurs with the use of Orgone energy it starts in the mind transforming negative energy in the form of thoughts allowing people to gain more control of their thinking, it amplifies and generates cells, Wilhem Riech the man who created the Orgone Accumulators already proved the healing affects of this energy by healing hundreds of people with his creation. Orgone Energy Batteries by the nature of how they are created AMPLIFY the healing energy of Orgone. it didn't take much for us to realize the effects of what being inside a room full of Orgone Energy Batteries could do, we got started on the work immediately.


Since this video was made my family has faced tremendous challenge my family was broken up, we were forcefully removed from our domicile. My Son who has what is known as Autism had to be put in a government facility, the changes that were going on were too much for him to handle, he began to loose control of himself becoming aggressive towards me. and had to be taken to a mental facility where they had him locked up in a room, it looked like jail, seeing him in there like that was very disturbing for me, I was able to get him moved into a home, I knew that the process was divine because he was transferred  in less than a week to a loving family that brought me peace and it lit a fire under me at the same time.

This was the first time in his 22 years that he has ever been away from me like this, I have been broken down to the core this is how I knew that it was time for me to rebuild myself.

What has kept my sane and thriving through these challenges is the work that I do with Orgone Energy, this is my saving grace, I have spent every single day for the last year of my life talking to someone about Orgone, making it, mounting pendants, making videos about it expanding on the information, teaching and now this experience has brought me the the beginning of the next chapter, taking it to the next level. Going on absolute faith and knowing that my vision will be manifested.

I have been working with Orgone energy since 2012 I had no idea that what I was doing was going to have so many benefits to my life,  and the life of others. The effects have been enlightening and healing to say the least. When I first started using Orgone I began feeling the effects of the Orgone immediately, my mind became  clear of outside thoughts, my energy was high, I could meditate with ease and my psychic abilities where off the chain, I have been getting messages from the ethers left and right, all for the benefit of my life. I have felt a tremendous amount of calm through the Orgone Energy Batteries they truly assist in maintaining balance. Some would think that this is all spiritual new age mumbo jumbo, my experience shows me that its real. The first major thing I noticed in my physical healing was no more migraine headaches. If this energy can do for people half of what it has done for me, the world will be a better place the great thing is that this energy is healing people whether they know it or not. As long as people are creating them the whole planet benefits, I intend to see to it that people don't stop making them. Orgone Energy has allowed me clarity to see inside of myself and discover the true nature of my being and not let the circumstances in my life define me. I am aligned with my purpose, I am healing my Mind Body & Soul Spirit everyday. I recognize that that challenges I endured were necessary. I am not the only one getting the benefits of these creations. Lucas has been using Orgone Energy Batteris for the past 3 years they were right on time he made sure he took his whole collection with him when he left. Lucas has been profoundly affected by the use of Orgone Energy Batteries this is what he has to say about them.

Lucas Visits with me every other weekend, as Im working day and night to make sure I have the means to keep those visits consistent and working to get my family back together, the reality hit me that although my Healing practice is expanding everyday what I am doing is not generating enough of what I need, I have been getting the message that it is time to expand my vision its time to fly, but I was afraid to move cause I didn't have the funds, not having capital was blocking me, I was bounded by limitations that I created in my head through patterns that developed from my own experiences. My perception of myself and money was jacked up. I have been healing from that for the past 3 years I have been practicing aligning myself with new thoughts of wealth and abundance.  A voice in my head said you have assisted many people with your Orgone Energy Batteries, they are spread all over the world, create a way for that energy to return to you give people an opportunity to give back what you share, ask for what you need create an avenue for your blissings & infinite possibilities will come pouring in. I am Following the inspiration of that voice, I am asking all of the people in the world that can see the benefit in my work to support this cause. 

I am raising $500,000 in 6 Months to facilitate the manifestation of this vision. I am accepting all kinds of donations it doesn't have to be money, your products, services, a facility! word of mouth, anything that will help this campaign will be greatly appreciated.

This vision is not just for me its not just for Now this is about building an Empire a legacy that will live on beyond my years one that will provide healing for Mother Earth the planet and its in habitants for EONS!

The SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center will create businesses and opportunities for many people. 

Funds will be distributed as follows:

$300,000.00 to Purchase the location that will house the SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center.

$100,000.00 will be used to hire Business development & strategy & consultants

$50,000.00 for the Maintenance staffing of online centers  

$50,000.00 for Marketing & promotion of the facility

You can invest with your money or play a role in this vision be a part of this energy movement that is changing the world. I need all the help I can get to make this happen 

The return on this investment is 100% infinite through the information and products that we distribute and the countless projects that will be developed through this campaign, we will transform our economy. People will be able to transform their lives by healing their body of toxins and pollution, gain clarity connect to their purpose and contribute their gifs to the world, raising the vibration of the planet and teaching others how to do the same through the example of how they live.  

In July 2015 I will begin my tour in California to promote and grow this campaign share information and awareness about Orgone Energy and its healing effects.your support will help me continue to do the work my family and I came here to do, raise the vibration of the planet and teach people how to heal.  

Thank you for your energy, the donation of your promotion will be greatly appreciated, For more information on Orgone Energy Batteries please visit

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SEG13 Orgone Energy Healing Center


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