In 2012 when everybody thought the world was gonna end, It did end, what was, is no more we are in the midst of a new era. Our DNA is changing to fit into a new world that is pure vibration, our thoughts are manifesting instantaneously as "time" moves on it will continue to amplify. We will experience that we can not exist in a place where the frequencies don't align it will be impossible to do it. The earth is coming back to balance, Nature is taking over every one will exist in their proper place, where ever your mind is, that is where you will exist.

Everyone & everything is more sensitive to energy now. It is getting harder and harder for people to get along. Hanging out with people you just don't mesh with is becoming more difficult to do. Let me clarify that I am talking about the masses, there are definitely people in the world that are existing in full awareness of the times that we are in but that's only about 13%. The world is on an emotional breakdown people are physically experiencing what exist in their soul, this is judgement day and the judge is you, its a very good thing that you are also the Savior of your soul, the Master of your vibration.

Soul beings are eternal we exist in many dimensions, for many life times, this is just a physical one. We are here at a time of great change. Here now we have access to multiple dimensions, it all depends on where you are. If you are a person who is disciplined in their spiritual practice you will access farther dimensions. if you are full of toxins & parasites it will be more difficult for you to access other realms because unnatural things in your body block your chakras & meridians. Its not personal its the formula, its physics, Science, REAL!

I really want people to comprehend how powerful judgement is, it creates a frenzy of emotion, its like every one is judging others for one reason or another desperately trying to keep the bad attention off themselves. Social media has shot that energy through the roof. Even the people that claim consciousness are condemning others because they don't believe in the same thing, "Live and Let Live" Who said that? Who ever it was that was Divine. We are all here for one experience, that is our own. We are the masters of ourselves, we can not manifest in another persons reality. The best we could do is influence, through our own experience, being the example of what we believe. When you see something that you don't like on the outside, you must reflect back to yourself because that is where it stems from. Your experience is a manifestation of what you vibrate in your core, don't take it personal, don't be mad at it... Fix it! 

The challenges that you are experiencing are whats necessary to get you to the next evolution of your life. Birthing a baby is painful but look at what comes from it. People always marvel at the amazing things that people could do when they are in the moment, when survival mode kicks in everyone becomes a super hero. Everyone has to play their hand in each second, whatever is happening will be dealt with all the time one way or the other, so why do we doubt that we can do anything? cause we have been programmed to doubt ourselves, thats why. More and more of you are coming to the inner standing of who and what you are, ENERGY, your frequency is shifting,

Everything in nature adapts to their environment, or removes itself from a toxic environment  and creates something new. What we are experiencing right now is nature taking its course and removing the toxins from the environment naturally, it is up to all of those with vision and purpose to create the new, and we are so, Welcome to the Vibe.

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