I seem to write about Sexual Anxiety a lot in the Summer, this is a time when your lower Chakras especially your Sacral sexual Chakra is most active. Our bodies adapt to nature even when we don't allow ourselves to be part of nature our bodies react to the changing of the seasons. When we are not in tune with ourselves sexual anxiety can be very uncomfortable and could make us feel emotionally out of balance. Most people are not able to identify where the issues are coming from because they are not familiar with the way their energy body works. They just feel the urge for sex and if that urge is not satisfied they begin to develop Sexual Anxiety.

Sexual Energy is powerful it is the energy of creation & manifestation this knowledge is the most valuable to have in this existence in any existence for that matter. When I learned about the Chakras and Meridians in my body it made all of the difference in the world, knowing how your body functions inside and out is essential to living a blissful life. I started to look at my vessel as a complex machine that is fueled by energy emitted through my energy centers controlled by me. That realization was empowering for me.  Our emotions (energy in motion) create our experience. When we have stress in our lives it manifest in our bodies When you comprehend that you can heal YOURSELF by taking care of your energetic body. There is nothing more important than learning the functions of your mind, body & spirit. The best place to begin is at the Root!

Each Chakra has a function when we are aware of what the function of each chakra is, it makes the process of healing, creating, manifesting much easier. you are able to guide your energy  to corresponding chakras to facilitate your desired intention. 

The first chakra in the body is red The Root Chakra 

 this Chakra houses the energy of money, sex, family, tribe, self-value addictions, control, basic survival, energy of abuse and self abuse, prosperity, fear, safety, grounding and connection to earth, superstitions, perceptions, mental stability, physical health, victim energy, abandonment, trust, ability to relax and the divine right to create. All of these issues are issues that need to be addressed in the root.

 A person whos Root Chakra is blocked  may experience anxiety, feel out of control,  inability to focus, they may have relationship problems, promiscuity issues, going from partner to partner, or just having a lot of sex, irritable aggressive, Violent constantly looking for physical vices to release. Some people self medicate with sex unknowingly. When the Root Chakra is blocked it can feel like you just want to have sex,  that is where the issue is in that part of your body, it feels natural to ease the tension with sex  thinking that will clear the anxiety. In the moment if feels like the solution but having sex when your Root is blocked just leaves you with more complex issues on top of the ones that already existed. Most of our society has a blocked Root Chakra, experiencing health issues, distortion of perception and reality, sexual abuse, self abuse, rage, violence. This is why the first thing we must do is to get GROUNDED. 

The Root Chakra exist on the base of the spine facing the earth, the most effective way to connect to that chakra is to sit outside on the ground as close to nature as possible, if you can find a tree that's perfect, then you can begin a Cleansing Ritual where you begin to unblock your Root. This is an intense task you have to be ready to look inside, be honest with yourself, see who you are acknowledge all faults and forgive and Love yourself, that will allow you to transform that energy  and begin to reprogram yourself consciously, this helps you fix all your glitches. 

 2nd Chakra the Sacral houses,  emotions regarding sexuality, creativity, feminity,  self expression,  financial creativity, feelings of self pity, worthlessness, bravery & Honor people who have been sexually abused have problems in this area. The vibration of the 1st & 2nd Chakra flows through all of the chakras it makes us who we are. Starting your work on the 1st two chakras will make the healing and reprogramming process much easier and more effective.

 Healing begins at the root of who you are it has taken years of psychological programming to get us in the state that we live in now. Media has done a tremendous amount of negative programming however we have reinforced the programming in our homes through our belief systems enforcing it on our offspring. It will take a good amount of time to undo what was done and reprogram ourselves to function in the most productive way possible. There is a universal truth that exist That is that everything that exist is energy. The strongest force of energy in your life is you. You are a direct extension of the greatest source, what some call God we are derived from that, we have it in us to do, be and have anything we desire but in order to do that we must first learn how to Master our Vibration.

The best part about this process is that  all that is required is your time Focus, Discipline and Energy. You can heal yourself its not a theory its fact. This is NOT an easy process you must make the commitment to yourself giving up is not an option, excuses are not an option. If you want to be the Master of your Self you have to put in the work it all begins with you.

We all live in a subconscious state of mind, the subconscious mind is 1000 times stronger than your conscious mind  what exist in our subconscious manifests in our reality in our body, having this knowledge tells us that the logical Solution is to tap into the Subconscious mind. it's now time to Learn, Study & Practice See the results of your work in your life. You are the master of your vessle the creator of what you experience through the vibration of your body.

The first step is learning about your Energetic body, Chakras, Meridians, Acupuncture points. Meridians are like an energy highway right above your physical body where energy travels through. Acupuncture points are areas on the meridian where you can interrupt signals of energy in motion and clear blockages releasing trapped emotion, that affects your physical body and makes you sick. The physical body responds to the Energetic body. once you have learned about this information you are ready to move on to step 2, The Work! 

Step 2. Meditation start with 10 minutes Everyday, practice removing all thoughts and being Still do this for 1 week 7 days then you will be ready for step 3 reprogramming yourself. I developed a technique that incorporates EFT Emotional Freedom Technique it allows you to feel almost instant relief of emotional blockages and puts your mind in a neutral state where you can then program yourself and create high vibrating patterns that will operate in your daily life and produce beneficial results.

Tools are not required you can definitely do the work without them, however in my practice I have used Orgone Energy Batteries. The Orgone Transforms all negative energy and protects you from EMF radiation, digital pollution, gives you mind clarity and a sense of calmness that helps with meditation. I have made Orgone Energy Batteries with specific stones that will assist with Grounding, Chakra Clearing, Focus & Discipline specifically for this process. if you are interested in getting a SEG13 MasterVibe Meditation kit includes Pendant and 2 Meditation Orgone Magnets Order Here. 

 If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments I respond within 24 hours.

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