The Part of Autism that I don't Talk About (Part 2) Lucas Moves Out

     Exactly 2 months after I decided it was time to let go of my Son he was placed in a adult home it didnt happen the way I thought it would, but it happened the way it needed to happen. I didn't know that this process that felt like my heart was being torn out of my chest would turn into such a Divine calling. I am a firm believer that what happens in my life is always for my highest good every time I am shown that truth I am reminded of that magnitude of the Universe that lives inside of me.

     My plan was to get Lucas Social Security Benefits, Reopen his case with the Regional Center and begin the process of his independence, I knew that it would take some time so in the meanwhile I was working with Lucas preparing him for this impending change that was happening in his life this was never a good conversation with him but it had to happen. The anxiety of this anticipated change had Lucas on edge he had made it very clear that he didn't want anything to change he wanted things to stay the same. This was a big lesson for him if you don't change your not evolving your not learning and growing expanding. Life is a constant change no soul being is above that law. The universe will create whatever needs to happen for us to get the lessons we need to get, that goes for everyone.

     In May the Month before our 1st Orgone Energy Battery "Life is Art" Exhibit the energy was dense we had to postpone the event. I had a feeling that something big was gonna happen, Lucas kept predicting Earth Quakes, it was the week of the San Diego Fires. The day after the full moon. Lucas had another episode he was talking to me in a disrespectful way I called it to his attention he became very angry punched a whole in the wall. Smokey called the police she told him he was warned that this would happen if this happened again, he became more angry, he started hitting himself, then he went to find his dad to hit him. The police came Lucas was able to calm himself I instructed them to take him  to a Mental Facility for treatment.

     This was and EXTREMELY difficult thing for me to do, I knew that this decision meant he would be in the hands of a System, that he would be injected with medicine that I am highly against, that HE is highly against. I also knew that I could not take care of him in his state of mind. for 2 days he refused medication he finally accepted to take it because he wanted to leave where he was. I had to let him know that he could not come back with me, he would call me begging to let him come be with me. Hearing him devastated me but there was no going back. One evening after I spoke with him I went outside to watch the Sun go down, I noticed the first star in the sky, I looked up and started talking to it, I asked for angels to come and watch over Lucas to be with him and give him comfort in this time. The Star began to talk back, I didn't hear them out loud it was a knowing in my head that said "We are watching him he is protected his purpose is Divine" as it got darker I saw that it wasn't a star after all it was the planet Venus. Lucas would point out the planet to me when he would be out and tell me that is the planet he is from. I know that sounds out of this world and let me just tell you that it is. 

     Lucas went in on a Wednesday that very week he received notice that his case was open with the Regional Center on Monday we had a hearing to put together his individual plan with them, on Tuesday they found a group home for him the administrators came to meet him,  by Wednesday he was out. I have NEVER seen a situation come together as quickly as it did for him. I know that my son has a divine purpose it has been unfolding through this process. I am so grateful for the people that have been involved. I am happy that my vision is manifesting Lucas is on his way to independence and the discovery of his own purpose. 

     A New Vision was born through this experience. When I last saw Lucas on Friday he was very drowsy, he tells me "Mom I feel bad taking this medicine, it makes me feel intoxicated" My heart broke into a million pieces and at that moment I knew that I had to find or CREATE a place where Lucas could expand on who he is with NO MEDICINE. Develop his abilities, Heal his body and use natural herbs to correct dysfunctions in his brain due to vaccinations that caused his autism in the first place. My Son was gifted to me for a reason and I see that reason very clearly I am ready for each challenge that my life experience brings. The Universe always works to our benefit this experience has expanded my vision 


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