Growing up I was very aware of symbols my dad was into Santeria, and my mother was a devout Catholic that still respected the power of the metaphysical. Watching movies taught me a lot about how symbols are used from the opening credits with the logos, all of them have great significance. If you study the symbols used by all of the major networks and corporations you will see the science behind the symbols and how they are using them. 

Symbols are powerful without a word they evoke an energy a feeling. I remember being petrified of a picture of what symbolized the devil and feeling safe if I had a cross, I had great respect for the cross cause I was programmed to believe that it represented "The Lord, God & Savior The Jesus who saved our soul" I have a different perspective on that now. The number 13 boy don't get me started on that one, that is one of the strongest symbols that exist so much so that the media decided to program the masses to believe this is an evil number through movies, not having a 13th floor in some buildings, unlucky 13, they branded that real good cause people are still afraid of that number. All so that they could use it for themselves, research fortune 500 companies see how many of them use the energy of 13.

     Symbols carry energy, the energy the symbols carry is amplified by the beholder of the symbol. Belief in it magnifies its power, without you the symbol is not as affective, however the power of the symbol will still exist. You ever look at a symbol and without knowing just get a feeling of what it is? When a symbol is created it is energized and set with the intention of the creator of that symbol. The symbol will change the molecular structure of the atmosphere without a human. Even if, lets say the OM symbol, if you place it anywhere it will start on its own attracting energy that matches its vibration. Symbols are powerful and have been used since the begging of time. it is a very beneficial knowledge to have. it is a great example of how our minds function, we see a symbol our minds interpret it, our energetic body reacts to it, and our physical experience manifests the result of the encounter with that symbol. Symbolism is worth researching and knowing.


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