What I Am Manifesting (iNFiNiONAiRE Academy)

Things are happening so fast in my life right now, When inspiration hits you that means its time to go immediately not stopping, no doubting, no questioning, you trust it and go with it. I was looking back at  the last 7 years of my life I see what I have manifested, what I have created. every challenge that I went through was necessary for me to be where I Am. I completed a 7 year cycle, now I am beginning a new one. When you look at the story from the surface my circumstances look crazy.

As I am healing from the loss of my relationship of 23 years, My family was displaced from our domicile in January of 2014, we had an hour to get what we could out of the house, the year started off like GANG BUSTERS. That day was so crazy, I couldn't believe what was happening. We were aggressively removed from our rightful land, that was a very intense time. I was overwhelmed with emotion, I had no idea where I was going, I couldn't think straight, I was scared, I was so so scared, I kept thinking what is gonna happen now, what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do. I stopped and went to where I always go, my breath, I knew that if it was happening in my life that means I am ready for it. I had everthing I needed cause when I looked in the truck that day with everything we could fit in it there was my family, I had everything I needed right there in that moment that really helped me remember what this is all about. It can always be worse, I know that all too well, I was so happy to be with me team after driving around for a while, I called my friend Ms Smokey she already had an extra 4 people in her house but she opened her house to my family anyway. That generosity broke me down. In one moment I am feeling lost with my life ripped right from under me. then I turn the page and here is someone who made sure that I didn't have to sleep in the street. I felt such an upliftment I knew in that moment that I was ready for what was happening in my life and that what was on the other side of this challenge had to be Ohmazing.

I kept pushing and boy was it a hard push, I found my joy in every moment, I was looking for the happiness all the time cause I already know where I could find sadness. It wasn't always easy going to the happy place cause I felt like, FUCK I am pissed I don't got no time to feel good right now, look at what the fuck is happening in my life, that's how I felt. Then I had to stop and think, remember that everything that is happening to me is for my highest good, I can handle what comes. Things started calming down, The Roomates moved out their was more space in the home, we were excited at all of the legal work we were doing on our own to get justice for the violations we suffered, things were flowing for a couple of months in May my Son went to live in a facility because i wasn't able to control a grown man anymore. 

My Son Lucas 21 years old, the love of my life, I thought I could mold him into what he needed to be

I never bought into the sentence of what autism could be for some, I worked for 21 years to help my Son have the best life possible and I realized that I couldn't do that any more. I am not the master of his life, I had to let go, I thought that letting go was abandoning him because all he has is me. I thought I would be a irresponsible Mother to make him live without me, I was scared. I lived in that fear for a long time and because of that fear I enabled my Son and actually disabled him, he is autistic but he can certainly be independent, in my fear I held him back for his independence. if My Son would not have gotten out of control I would have kept manipulating myself because of that fear. 

At this point the challenges were getting exciting I see that a way is being made for me to do what is its that I need to do in this life time. I am being prepared for what I have envisioned for the last 14 years of my life. everything is unfolding and this is the process. I must take advantage of all of the gems that come in the process of a transition like the one i am going through it is truly for a divine purpose that I came here to complete. as every challenge comes I am ready for the next one. 

My Vision is GINORMOUS! as I face the challenges in my life the vision grows, it makes me very grateful to be able to transform the energy that comes my way to something that will benefit those who need and want the help. The circumstances in my life inspired me to help others learn, study and practice the techniques that I have practiced so that I can stay grounded and live in my path consciously creating a high vibrating frequency for myself that helps me manifest my intention, mastering my vibration.

My life has flipped from what it was. I Marvel at how The Creator has kept me. Faith is powerful when you connect to the God inside of yourself you recognize how limitless you truly are. I have been following my inspiration and lately I have been at full speed.

I am manifesting iNFiNiONAiRE Lairs all Over the world. These are homes that are dedicated to helping people connect to themselves and unleash their power through the sciences that,the indigenous people of the planet our ancestors practiced Millions of years ago.

The first one is an 


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