When I discovered that my life path number was 13 I started to research more about the Number 13 I learned about the Sacred Geometry in the number the vibration it emits and decided to apply it in my own life in EVERYTHING that I do. I use 13 like religious people use Jesus, in fact 13 is JESUS!

 When you say Love it is a word that is so over used and so under felt people don't feel it anymore. When I say 13 LOVE, EVERYBODY FEELS the Vibration of that Number,They feel the FEAR. The fear associated with the number 13 is a program, fueled by your own perception of what YOU believe this number to be. Your own ideas are what make you afraid. Once you do your research on the number you will find that, 13 symbolizes ,creation, Resurrection  ascension & reincarnation it represents the Womb of Life a Divine Feminine number.

I use 13 as an amplifier of intent When i say 13 Love I am focused on the power of 13 and LOVE so all of the vibration received from the number 13 is directed to LOVE. 13 amplifies my intention for LOVE, I am using the energy that people direct to it of fear and I transform it to LOVE.I am creating a vibrational pattern that evokes LOVE with the #13. The people I say it to, know that I am coming from a place of love so they break through their own fear and ask me What it means, when I tell them I feel the sense of comfort that comes out of them when they realize that I am Not the Devil Cursing them to DEATH, It releases a fear in them which raises their vibration and helps them feel more LOVE.

I describe 13 Love, as a dense Love, tough Love, a very necessary LOVE for this time. We are all in the midst of a major Transformation the Planet is getting rid of TOXIC WASTE. All of the energy that is is causing damage to the universe is being purged WE ARE ENERGY!

This year 2013 carries the vibration of what the number 13 symbolizes. When we Know that Everything is Energy and Vibration we learn to move the energy around to help us find balance. When you feel good you vibrate at a HIGH energy level 13 LOVE is to lift you up and help you Vibrate HIGH

I use the Vibration of the number 13 for everything that I do, it's not a Cult, its not a Movement or a Trend, it is Science, Mathematics it makes sense it computes. The Number 13 is an energy like everything else, who you are determines the perception of it's Value. I 13 everything like religious people use Jesus. 13 LOVE is Jesus!

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