You Think You Need to Be in a Relationship Right Now, WHY?

We are raised to believe that we are supposed to be with a partner, yes that is the nature of our species but their is a process to everything and we have skipped a bunch of steps in-between before we come into a UNION with another individual. Everyday more steps get skipped, grade school children are having sex now. babies come out of the womb with patterns from their parents so all of the behaviors will be duplicated through the off spring.

The power of knowing who you are how your vessel works first before you start a relationship is immeasurable. Some of us learn this later in life, some don't learn it at all. Whenever you have the opportunity to really spend time with your self, take advantage of that. 

I was in a relationship for 24 years of my life, my focus became that relationship him, when we weren't together we were still together it was a very intense union, this is what some would call a Twin Flame relationship they tend to bring out the very best and the very worst of you. When your with a twin you feel all facets of relationship to that person. In my experience my twin felt like my Father, Brother, Son, best friend, challenger, many roles are played in this type of relationship.  Another indication that you are with a twin is that no matter what you can't stay away from each other for too long, it is an energetic force beyond your recognition that brings you together and when you are not in sync and you are together it can be catastrophic.  in these relationships you begin to feel like that other person is you, to loose them would mean to loose your own Breath. I had to loose my breath so that I could wake up to who I AM.

The challenge in all relationships is to come to balance. you can not come to balance in a union if you are not balanced within yourself. BALANCE not perfection. the balance comes from knowing yourself so that you don't get lost in the person you are in a relationship with.  Examples of getting lost in a person; when you don't like football but you go to every game and watch it on TV cause that is what your man likes and you want to keep him happy. When you can't stand the clothes you wear, its not really your style but your girl likes it and you just want her to be happy. Your getting Lost in another person when things like that happen. When you are in a relationship and someone says if you really loved me you would do "Fill in the Blank" thats not Love, Thats Mind Control.  Love is a feeling not to be defined and enforced by the person who is receiving that love, when we find it in ourselves the whole picture changes, we begin to attract who we are, that is a good place to start considering a union with someone else. When you feel good and happy in your own company thats when you will find a good Match. If you are in a hurry, trying to find "The ONE" what ever you are exuding in your vibration is what you will attract every time. The relationship that matters most, is the one you have with yourself every other relationship in your life stems from that. 

I will be talking about this Live Tonight Click the Pic to watch

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